You're not good enough... it can't be done... it's too risky... you're worthless... give up..

"This game is about overcoming fear and doubt. Will you defeat your inner demons or be crippled with regret?"

The Dreadful Whispers is an indie game developed by Noa "Blackthornprod" Calice, which started development in December of 2018 and was released on september 5th, 2019. The dreadful whispers is a platform-puzzle game, where the main mechanic is switching between two differently colored characters, who can each only walk on ground that is the same color as they are. Throughout his time developing the game, Noa Calice uploaded a series of "devlogs" to his youtube channel. You can buy the game on steam, but Noa Calice said he would soon upload it to Currently, the game is only available on windows.
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